Is there a way to add custom textures to stones?

Hello, I have been looking through the different forum threads here and saw a post about how, with special instructions, a user can use a custom image for the board. But I am not seeing whether there is a way to select a custom image for the go stones. The selection available on the site now is already pretty good. But I think I personally enjoy seeing at least a slight texture difference on the stones. Just like choosing custom colors it can have an effect of increasing esthetic appeal, but also to keep the mind interested by the different textures.

The shell stone texture that is available is not bad, but I think they are too faint. I tried looking at them on the phone, on the big screen, and on my laptop screen. Sometimes I almost do not see them at all when brightness is lowered for the darker lighting of the room at night.

If there is a way to do something like that , could you please explain how? Thanks!

This is currently not possible from within our interface, sorry.

If you are comfortable with a complicated technical solution, it would probably be doable by utilizing some browser extensions like tampermonkey and injecting custom scripts.

Of course if you - or anybody else - feel like going the extra mile and programming the solution directly into the interface, it would surely be a welcomed addition and our frontend is opensource :slight_smile: · GitHub

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In particular there was a few people doing that


pointing to

and also

I believe upside_brigade was working on a PR to goban, but that it was running into some problems.

Probably something was updated in that direction

but I’m not sure exactly how much extra work would be needed to make custom stones.


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