Is there a way to block someone from playing with me?

I have another question: I cannot find a way to block someone from playing with me, I just found the chat ignore function.

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As far as I understand, the “block user from playing me” feature has not been implemented on OGS yet, but they do plan on adding it at some point in the future.



We really want to do such a thing and have it planned for the future. :slight_smile:

In the meantime, the best way to handle users that keep accepting your games is the following steps:

  1. Talk to the other user and tell him you don’t want to play him.
  2. If he ignores that wish, contact one of us Moderators ( )

We will then sort it out with the other user for you :slight_smile:


Definitely need. Tonight player just stopped playing, let clock rut out while losing, instead of resigning. Don’t want to ever play that person again. Great site, but ugh we need a way to block the bottom feeders.

Sorry to drag out a 2 year old thread.

Does Block user from accepting my open games work when you use Quick Match Finder?

I was playing a certain user before. At the end of the game, he made a comment that made me check out his profile and look at his other games. I found out that he’s quite rude to other players especially when he’s losing.

Anyways, I blocked and ignored him, but today my karma must be toying with me because I we were matched up again with Quick Match Finder.

My opponent nearing the end of the game and thinking that he was loosing just let the game time out instead of passing or resigning. It’s quite annoying sitting there for 6 minutes waiting for the clock to time out.

The good thing this time was that he didn’t say much.

So, yes, does Blocking work with Quick Match Finder?

Aside from that, my experience on OGS has been great so far…

Note that you can cancel out of the game with him at the beginning without penalty…

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I was itching for a game. :grin:

In the beginning, the game was fine. I was actually in the losing end. The attitude didn’t come out until the end when it was clear I was winning.

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I had a whole spate of people accepting my open challenges and then immediately cancelling. Do they still not get a penalty then?

No 19x19 you can cancel a game without punishment up to the 19th move.

Might wanna think about why they canceled though… Custom komi, handicap stones? Something must have put them off… :slight_smile:

Another thing that people might cancel on is “disable analysis”. Some people like that analysis tool :slight_smile:

(It possibly should be in the preferences for auto-join, and listed in the challenge, so you don’t have to accept to find out)

I think that may be over complicating. If you care about such things then create a custom game. Automatch is for people who simply want a no fuss match pairing asap

They were all 25th Kyu. I started restricting rank to people higher than me, and it stopped happening. I never disable analysis, and I don’t usually set a handicap with someone I haven’t played before.

I did set up correspondence games with long time limits (3d+1d up to 10d), One time I set up a challenge, went to make a cup of tea and came back to see it accepted and cancelled, with about 5 impatient, “When are you going to move?” type messages.

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I know it may looks weird, but I’d really like to be able to NOT view challenges from people I blocked, I forget their names, so when I see an available game with a person which have around the same rank of mine I accept it and then I found the unpleasant experience of playing with rude people who start insulting me in the middle of the game for absolutely no reason.
This would be a very small changement, but also a great improvement for me.


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I agree, it’s not as easy to avoid people online as it is in real life. It’s easy to remember the ugly face of someone you don’t like, vs remembering their generic, misspelled username. :sweat:

Had a recent game that made me this of this.

Due to the necro I’d like to take the time to point out to some of our newer members that not all information contained in this thread is applicable to the current OGS release.

I don’t understand. What do you mean? Did this get added recently?

I simply meant that as the post was created 4 years ago, some things mentioned in the comments are not true anymore even though they were true when they were said. I don’t particularly feel like going through the whole thread to make a list.

I think ignoring a player will stop you from seeing their open challenges and they yours but I’m not certain whether you could potentially be automatched with an ignored player though I suspect it shouldn’t be possible.

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