Is there a way to have AI proposal during live play?

I am beginner, also Supporter d’Aji, and I use to play against computer(bot)
I would like to have the proposal of AI during the game to understand my mistakes, and not only at the end to review the game
Is there any way to do that ?

Wouldn’t that be unfair for your opponent? It’s like bringing Lionel Messi to help you when playing soccer against the guy or girl nextdoor.


As said, I play against the computer, against the bot
It is only to learn about my mistakes

You can get AI installed on your own computer and play that way maybe.

Or try re-play one of your finished games on this site, but differently from the start, I am guessing you may be able to achieve what you want.

I have to caution you though. Pros play with AI a lot to learn. Most of us can’t really make much sense of AI moves, so learning is very much limited, especially that stupid machine does not talk.


So you want to play against AI and also request hints from AI during the game?
I’m sure apps exist where you can do that, but I think OGS is not one of them.

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A few years ago I had the app “Champion Go” on my smartphone, if I remember correctly you can ask for hints, and also undo your last move.

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Could I install one of the bots on my computer ?
I don’t see how to do that ?
Or perhaps they are website who have go bots to download ?

I will check, thx

Check this out:

This is what I have. Mac install is a little troublesome. I am actually not sure how I got it work. Windows version seems straight forward.


I encourage you to play with humans. It’s a lot of fun, and besides fun games with players at your level, you can sometimes get advices with stronger too. That’s a good way to learn and progress.
At best try play IRL, face to face if you can find them (look at a national federation which can provide you list of clubs or players) you won’t regret!


KaTrain is AWESOME!

Meanwhile there’s a DMG version … just drag the app from there to your Apps folder :slight_smile:


Champion Go is now called CrazyStone DeepLearning, I think.

The issue is not much with Katrain as with Katago I believe (since it is not packaged with Katrain). I never managed to get it to work on my old Intel mac (but it works on M1, don’t know why).