Is there a way to play from a SGF ‘starting point’?

Is it possible to load an SGF as a starting point for an ‘un ranked’ game?

I’m keen to use this as a ‘learning/training’ tool to focus on mid-game or end-game, without needing to manually step through all of the preliminary moves with my opponent to get to the ‘starting. Point’?

Try the “fork game” option


Yes, ‘Fork Game’ works great for the same player, but I can’t invite a different player to a forked game.

As far as I know, you can’t create custom challenges from set positions, as above “fork game” is your only option.

Nope I was wrong, you can select your opponent when you fork a game, even from uploaded sgf

Nice, I’m try it out then. I didn’t realize that was possible. Thanks!!


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