Is there a way to stop the automatch?

Most of the time I got a match before I could press cancel.

And the few times that I was able to press the cancel button first, I still got auto-matched the next time I go to the page.

This auto match function is very annoying.

Well i don’t understand. You get automatch only if you ask for it? Don’t ask, don’t get.

If you want to create a custom offer, simply click create in the play page. If you want to accept an offer, click the offer you like.

Don’t click these buttons


Patient: Doctor, doctor, it hurts when I do this.
Doctor: Don’t do that then.


I see what you mean. My mistake.

But then my second question is: was it always like that?

It seems so natural for me that by clicking the correspondence button would bring up the waiting list, it was like i have been doing that for years, and never realize it was a quick match button.

Was the setup changed sometime ago or was I having false memories?

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No idea. Maybe.

No recent change that I’m aware of (in that regard). Hopefully your experience of the site will now be improved. :slight_smile:

What you describe sounds like a ping or connection issue. The server has already found an opponent for you but due to ping your client hasn’t received that update yet, and since the server has authority over the app’s logic, you pressing cancel in that time frame does nothing.
Automatches last 5-15 minutes for the rank range that I’m using and I never had issues cancelling it.