Is there another word for "go"?

This is so difficult to search something about “go” because he is also a verb (no shit sherlock).
How do you search something about this game on google?

I usually search for baduk. You could try baduk (Korean), Weiqi (Chinese), igo (Japanese).


try looking here:
I do not know what you need it for, but another words for go may be: walk, move, cruise, travel, but also activity, energy, force, life, drive… (it is not only a verb) there are many really…


baduk seems to be quite popular these days among English speakers, more than weiqi. I see it a lot on Youtube.

On Google, try “game of go” (with the quotes). Searching 19x19 will also return results, but that will include a lot of junk.

Not sure what you are looking for, but instead of Google it might be easier to search Sensei’s Library directly.

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I usually add some go-specific word (depending on what I am looking for) and not write “go” at all.

“Sente” works very well for me. Other good words are “komi”, “tsumego”, “joseki”, “hane”.

Examples for searches that I would try:
‘Pro games komi’
‘3 point invasion sente’

Cannot really try them at the moment because I am logged into google and google knows that I am looking for go ressources.


For generic stuff, I like to use “go game.” For example, to get material on influence, “go influence” gives 6/10 relevant results on Google’s frontpage, but “go game influence” gives 9/10 relevant results including previews of relevant images. If I can’t find what I’m looking for after that, I find the next best option is to search “baduk OR weiqi” (caps is important b/c that’s Google speak for searching either term). Searching “baduk OR weiqi influence” gives 10/10 relevant results. But that search tends to be a bit strict. It excludes some of the relevant searches I would get from just “go game.”

For more specific stuff, you can just include the name of a website or a go-specific term in the search. For example, you could use “go influence senseis” for 10 relevant results from sensei’s library. Your mileage may vary.

Edit: Removing pokemon results with “-pokemon” may help too. Searching “go influence -pokemon” gives 8/10 results just by itself. :slight_smile:


The Popularity of Pokemon GO has taken over the internet and every time I search for go, it automatically assumes im searching for Pokemon GO which really irritates me. Now I have to be specific like “Baduk Go” or “Go Board game”. It would be funny if there was someone who sued them for using the word GO. :laughing:

Exactly why find books of go is so hard. Have to know the author or some other detail or you will never find any. You can use the chinese/korean/japanese characters to find a lot more results those might serve no purpose to you as they’re not english.