Is There Documentation About The Different "Create Tournament" Settings?

I’ve created a group and would like to start hosting regular tournaments. I am unable to find any documentation on the different options that are possible. Is there any article available for this?

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This may help


That is perfect. Thank you very much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The wiki told me every thing except how the Pairing Methods work.Can some one tell me them.

How do the pairing methods work?

The pairing methods are described here

Strength is called Adjacent there.

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Thank you flovo, Do you know the difference between mcmahon and simultaneous mcmahon? I can’t find anything about simultaneous :thinking:

In Simultaneous McMahon one plays multiple games per round (up to 9), while there’s only one game per round for McMahon.

Simultaneous McMahon:

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Is the McMahon tournament still running? The participant count is huge, and this makes reading how people were matched up very difficult. The settings say 10 rounds but i am only counting some players twice. But the rounds aren’t separated so i am confused.

The simultaneous has many tables but i don’t see repeating player names. But it says 3 rounds. I am really confused on how to read these :tired_face:

Sorry for confusing you. I haven’t sent much time in selecting the tournaments. So …

The rounds are separated. Each view shows only a single round. Both tournaments are still running. The McMahon is still in round one, so you cannot switch between different rounds. The Simultaneous is already in round 2.
You can change which round you see by selecting the round on the blue round selector:

If the tournament says 3 rounds that means the tournament will go over 3 rounds, if it says 10 rounds it will go over 10 rounds and so on. But you can only see the match ups for the current round and the past rounds. The matchup in future rounds can depend on the results of the current round, so …


Each player is shown in a single row, with this rounds opponent in the second column. You will find the same matchup a second time in the table, but with switched roles (player <-> opponent). It’s the same game, but since the table shows more infos but the matchup, there has to be a seperate row for each participant. McMahon is always one game per round for each player.
In the results column you can see the result of this rounds game (win/loss or ? for game hasn’t ended yet). The points column shows the total points the player has now in the tournament.

The tables in the Simultaneous McMahon Tournament are showing the match ups of a single round. The participants are grouped into subgroups of (8-10 players). In each of these subgroups each player plays against everyone else in this round (leading to 7-9 games per round). You should find each player in only one of the tables. In that the player name is shown once in the player row and once in the opponent column (see screenshot). On each intersection is either a win, loss or ? for the state of the games of the current round. You can click on the label (win/loss/?) if you want to take a look at the game.
The points column show the current total tournament points for each player.


Holy cow! Seriously WOW and thank you for being so thorough in your response! I sincerely appreciate your time, effort, and kindness :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. So Simultaneous McMahon is a mixture of McMahon and Round Robin formats?


I want to run a tournament for 16k to 25k players, for 15 to 20 people. I’m curious about McMahon Bars settings. I read thes articles about McMahon Pairing and Bar Theory, but i have no idea what a good setting would be. Especially since I don’t know how many players of each rank will show up. Any suggestions?

I wouldn’t care that much about the perfect bars. After the tournament has started you (the TD) should be able to change the score of each player, so you simply can get reasonable initial scores after you know your participants.

As far as I know, OGS decreases the initial score by one point per rank in the MC bars. In my opinion a point difference of 2-3 points between stronges and weekest player should be more suited for a tournament with only 15-20 players.

Btw.: I’m not sure if the pairing takes the MCscore into account.


If you want everyone to have a change to win that tournament, don’t use bars, or put those top and low bars both at 25k. Purpose of those bars is to create a top group that is fighting for the tournament win (players above the top bar who all start with 0 points), balance the initial pairing for players weaker than the top group (ranks between bars) and a “bottom pool” of players below the lower bar, who are all “equally bad” compared the top group and thus they are not that important in terms of finding the best players of the tournament.

If you just want to have fun tournament for learning, instead trying to find out who is the strongest one of participiants, i recommend setting the both bars at 25k.


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