Is this forum installable by a charity?


I love this forum software, and I assume that the OGS developers created it themselves. Is it standalone and available for me to use as a support forum on my own server for a charity?


This forum is powered by Discourse which is 100% open source.


And the award for fleetest fingers goes to @opuss


Thanks so much, fleet-fingers!


it’s $100/mo?! I don’t think we are paying that to use it.


The software is free, the hosting might not be. You are free to host it on your own server though.

Note: Jeff Atwood (the first response to the question) is one of the founders of Discourse.


Oh, wait, I see… it is free if you install it on your own server, since it is Open Software. It only costs if you use their server.


I’ve been reading about Discourse. It uses four or five technologies not normally installed on a Linux server and it requires root access (they say it will never work with shared hosting). Installing it looks like it would take a day of flat-out work, and I’d probably need help whenever errors happen. It can be installed by them for about $100 once only (for a nonprofit), but I’m not comfortable with all the exotic technology–what if I have to migrate to another host server? I guess I’ll go with phpBB for my tiny forum. At least it probably fits in one directory and just works. Thanks, all.


Indeed @david265, if you are not well-versed in computers, server administration, etc. you are best served by something simple such as phpBB. Good luck! :hugs:

– Musash1


Musash1, Thank you so much. I had looked into this once before, and had problems because their installation instructions required problem-solving and forward references. But I gave it another shot, and after one false start and one problem connecting to a MySQL database (which required the nonobvious edits listed below), I was successful in setting up MyBB on my own server. It works perfectly and looks almost as good as Discourse.

MySQL enable:
WHM > ConfigServer Security & Firewall > Firewall Configuration > IPv4 Port Settings >
TCP_IN and TCP_OUT > add 3306 to list
Comment out skip-networking in the MySQL config file /etc/my.cnf


@david265 I am pleased to hear that you have set up your MyBB successfully and are happy with the result! But no need to thank me – I really didn’t do anything! You did it all :sunglasses:


– Musash1