Is this puzzle incorrect?

The correct solution says C17 first, and the opponent plays C19 then you live.

But what if the opponent plays B18? In that case you must play A18 then the opponent B19 and then it’s a ko? Am I missing anything here?

Yes, that black can choose not to fight a ko but connect at D19 for sente seki. Which is alive, albeit without any points. As black gets sente it means White’s attack was just a moderately sized gote endgame move.

But yes B18 is better for points for white than c19 but the problem wants to test you have read to not connect D19 and lose the d17 eye.

Oh I missed the part black d19 is actually seki. I thought it’s double shortage of liberties, but because the eye at D17 white can’t kill black too. Very interesting, thx!

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