Is this still a turn based server?


Sorry if this is a stupid question but I used OGS a few years ago and it was a turn based server. Now the time limit seems to be 4hrs ish per move. It used to be 24 hrs or 36 or something which allows you to play go if you have other things to do like work at a job. Can you still play one move per day on OGS?

You can play either correspondence (turn based) or live now. It’s just a matter of settings in the menu when you post an open challenge. :smile:

Welcome back to OGS.

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Thanks! I’m glad to hear that. I’ll take another look at the settings!

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Check this post out. It has some detail on posting challenges.

It looks like that post needs to be updated somewhat. In general it still works, but the UI is slightly different now. One can no longer select and time they wish and the arrows next to the time settings are gone. Those have been replaced with drop down menus.

(Although personally I preferred the old way as it had more options. Like Fisher with less than 15 secs per m9ve but a max time over 5 mins.)

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Thanks for the tip. I will get that updated soon.

We also have this document:

Which we wrote up. You can actually tweak the time settings… you don’t need to stick with the defaults for live or correspondence. The arrows are still there for changing the main time/period time (for example)

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Matburt? Are you sure? They are absolutely not there for me on Firefox or Chromium on Arch or Chrome for Android. Is this a bug?

Oh I see what you mean… the arrows are there but you are right, we switched this to use a dropdown with some pre-filled values.

On a related note, I have tried to change my turn options to “double click” for both correspondence games and live games. All of my correspondence games started after that are still making hit the “confirm move” button.

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