Is Yutopian still in business?

I was wondering if Yutopian is still in business ? They have products for sale on their online shop, but the site looks more than dated, they have a discussion forum where the last post is from 2004, and I’m not quite sure if I want to enter my credit card number to order stuff there…

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Yutopian operates out of the same building as Kiseido’s California branch. A woman there handles inquiries for both. Yutopian is still in business as far as I know, but if you want to be certain you can try

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Yutopian Enterprises, Inc.
(mail orders only)
2255 29th Street, Suite #3
Santa Monica, CA 90405, USA
Tel: 1 (310) 578-7181
Fax: 1 (310) 578-7381
e-mail: Yutopian

Maybe contact first if you’re not sure.


I was wondering the same thing. I placed an order from their website just over two weeks ago and I have not heard anything back, not even a simple confirmation email. It appears that they never received my order and I am not willing to try again. As you said, their website is really outdated.

The strange thing is I am certain that they are still in business. Vendors from Yutopian come and set up every year at the Cotsen Cup Tournament in California as well as the US Go Congress.

I would avoid paying through the website. Maybe try calling them? Mail order?


I last dealt with Yutopian a couple of years ago through the website, and as I recall, the only confirmation you get is a Thank You for Your Order on the site itself.

I ordered from Kiseido by mail back in November. About three months later I still had no further contact with them, so I phoned. I eventually canceled my order, but that’s another story.

Not sure what’s going on with either, but It never hurts to check with them.


Wow same building? That’s interesting. Also it’s pretty disappointing that both have such bad customer service. I messaged Slate and Shell when they were doing their closing sale and got no reply at all. Pity all the Go book suppliers I know off are so terrible in that aspect,

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Yeah, you do have to wonder about it. But I’ll say this much for the woman who handles the inquiries; she was good enough to contact me later with regard to shipping costs, which got me thinking about it more carefully. Between shipping, duty, and the dismal exchange rate on the Canadian dollar, it pretty much doubles the cost of the merchandise. So I requested a cancellation by e-mail and she complied. It was thoughtful on her part, although not the most effective sales tactic. Not in the short run anyway.

I wonder to what extent, if any, the slow response time is related to increased demand for go products. No idea really.

So I finally received an email from Yutopian. Turns out they were on vacation. They are still in business.


Shot them an email. They are responsive but the book I wanted is out of print. Wish one could depend on their store site to find out, but that doesn’t seem to be the case :confused: