Issues With Joining Tournaments

I’ve tried joining a few tournaments over the last few months. It lets me join, but when it starts I’m not added to the tournament. Suggestions?

My first idea is did these tournaments ever started, I mean usually there is a required number of players to join?

Can you share the link to one of the tournaments?

Participating in a tournament

If you want to participate in a tournament, you have to join the tournament first. If it is an live or blitz tournament you have to be on the tournament overview page ( when the tournament starts. If you are not on the overview page when the tournament starts, you get removed from the tournament. You don’t have to be on the overview page if it is a correspondence tournament.

When one of your tournaments start, you get a notification. The games start automatically. You can find them on your overview or profile page. All games of the tournament are listed on the tournaments overview page as well.
If you lose a tournament game by “timeout” you will be disqualified and not included in future rounds of the tournament.

Edit: for more info about OGS’s site, I refer you to the Help page of OGS:, a page which is called for some obscure reason Documentation and FAQ.

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Thanks for the reply. I’ve been doing correspondence only and still no luck. It says I’m joined, but when the tournament starts it’s like I never signed up.

It really would help if you posted a tournament link.

From the moment you joined, the tournament should be listed on your main page (and on your profile page) under “tournaments”. Does that happen? Could you please try to join a tournament to find out if it gets listed there?

I just see, you are taking part in this tournament and in this one, so for these tournaments it apparently worked.

Is in Settings > General Preferences > Show Tournament Indicator switched on?
Just a wild guess, a shot in the dark.

Just double checked those settings and it’s correct. I just joined Correspondence Weekly McMahon 19x19 set to start on Saturday and it’s showing up on my home/profile pages, so that’s working. I’ll give an update on Saturday.

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Update: didn’t receive a notification that the tournament had started and it’s not showing in my list of joined tournaments.

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Yep, that’s weird. It was in your tournament list before, but now it isn’t.


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Would it be easiest to just create a new account or…suggestions?