It won't let me change my user name on my profile?

It won’t let me change my user name on my profile? It says it is already taken, but it says this no matter what I type in.

Seems to work for me :confused: What username would you like?


Thanks I can see its changed now, not so sure how the forum one works though.

Yeah, that username really was taken, but as it was a long abandoned account with a single game I have switched the names for you.

You might need to refresh whatever OGS panel you have open, and the name may display old in chats for a little while due to caching.

For the change to reflect on the forums immediately you might need to log out and back in.

Makes sense, thanks, it was probably my account, as far as I am aware only two of me with this name exist in the world and it don’t look like the other one is a Go player. I sometimes setup accounts to try stuff out so I did that and probably forgot about it. It does not help that I have about 20 email addresses as well lol