It would be nice to be able to merge accounts

First, I have an account I made for OGS, and an unplayed account linked to my facebook profile. I’d love to be able to merge the two.

Second, I feel like if enough players from other servers had a way to “import” their accounts, somebody better at web development than I could help distil better starting ranks from there - plus it’d be somewhat easier for players with lots of games on other servers to have a starting library instead of having to separately download the .sgfs and upload them here.

In the future we will allow merging accounts. That’s one of those things that keeps getting pushed back due to more important things.

Not sure about the other bit… not all services offer a nice way to extract your game content. Not to brag too much but we do have an awesome api and someone could use that to implement something like an account importer for other sites if they so pleased.