Italian translation issues

I’m very uncertain about language to use in OGS interface.

I’m italian, so this could be a choice, but usually I prefer to read in english what was originally written in english, especially about software and internet. Translations can be so misleading sometimes.

Anyway I really appreciate the efforts of those who help translating the site.

I would justo point out a couple of mistakes or maybe just perfectible choices.

  • “review”
    There are two different translations: “rassegna” and “revisione”. I think the correct one is “revisione” but never used it in real life, so I can be wrong. Anyway, having two of them looks wrong too.

  • ladders
    The english version says “Challenged by” and “Challenging” that for me looks pretty straightforward.

The italian version says respectively “Sfida inviata da” and “Sfida ricevuta da”. The second one especially is ambiguous: it can mean “I received a challenge from…” but also “The person who received a challenge is…”.
I think it would be clearer to use simply “Sfidante” e “Sfidato” (for “the one who’s challenging” and “the one who’s challenged”).

I know there’s a dedicated site for translations, but I can’t take part to it.
It would be nice though to talk with someone of the translators staff, trying to give a little help this way.


Some more.

“Contri” is wrong. Should be “contro”.
“Verso” could be right, but has the same meaning of “contro”, so maybe only one should be used.
“Undefined”… why not “zero” like the others?