I've had a terrible idea and the chat seemed supportive enough: "Narugo"

A crudely drawn webcomic and Naruto parody. Trying to stay in the spirit of Aji’s quest and Empty Triangle, mostly filled with pain-inducing puns and my egregious sense of humour.

This is the story of Narugo, who at first sight is an empty-brained brat, but who sometimes has impressive insight and shows true potential as a player. He is in the same class as Sabaki, a nerdy girl who learns by heart all the joseki variations she can find, and has a crush on her. She only has eyes for San-sansuke however, the strong and edgy player in the class. He himself is hell-bent on getting a return match with a mysterious sandbagger with whom he seems to have beef.

After getting into the go program under the tutelage of Kikashi-sensei, they join the SDK test to progress further and get more interesting games in automatch. However, when they are pitted in a team tournament against the players of other servers (the proper players of KGS no kuni, the aggressive tygem no kuni soldiers, the Pandanet no kuni players and their impressive influence building) Oi-otoshimaru shows them the true strength of a dan player. San-sansuke is impressed and thrilled by the power he offers and leaves.


:slight_smile: this is a complete sentence


You are a complete sentence.


Firstly… HAhahahaha to the complete sentence thing as that made me legitimatly laugh.

and secondly… id read that manga XD as im a huge Naruto fan.


No fan fic and I’m in