I've seen this somwhere else

But move 63 feels incredibly slack… and still not what is the purpose?


Slack compared to what?

k3 or something similar? it just looks floaty

Is AlphaGo also slack?


I’m trying to figure it out me not getting it is not the same as me saying it’s bad I’d just want some help with why this move might be played

It blocks White’s reduction on the same point. Black judged that bigger than k3, which actually looks slack to me.

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These kind of moves are always hard, it’s hard to know what move is correct in this open kind of situation.

But the corners are pretty much done, white has solid positions everywhere and it’s quite clear that the right side is the area to play. So why this move? Not an easy question. O Meien has quite a interesting book on his go philosophy that deals with this kind of questions, and rarely gives a clear answer. It’s hard.

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Is it odd that black then didn’t follow up and defend against white Q9?

Yeah, I think so. Black probably saw White could build at l15 and preferred mutual damage over mutual frameworks. Maybe that’s his style. I don’t know. ELF OpenGo thinks it was a 16% mistake and prefers o9 attachment.