IZIS AI Goban Sound Not Working

So on the AI Goban OGS app, the sound used to work about 2 months ago. But recently the countdown sound is not working. But the stone placement sound is working. The app is up to date.

Any ideas?

Can you clarify what “app” you’re referring to?


He is referring to the App on the IZIS AI go board, but that App has been programmed by IZIS themselves. I suppose the bug is somewhere on their end.


Thx I clarified the title and topic

True :slight_smile:

My thinking is, they are using the api for their app. So if something has updated would the api stop working? I doubt they will be updating their side anytime soon.

Unfortunately, it’s incumbent on the client of an API to keep their product up to date with the API.

We could only guess at what “might have changed to cause this”. The OGS API is only one possibility - an OS update, driver update, something else on your device etc can also cause this.

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