January Prizes Announced!

Hey guys,

As I am working on the prizes at the moment, there will be an expected delay in the actual publishing of them. However, I would like to announce them now!

EVERYONE who has participated in January’s league will receive a TNL badge made by @Francisa! Upon claiming the badge, you will be able to embed it in your OGS profile’s “About” section. Show off your valor!


  1. You can claim the prize only if you have participated in January’s TNL and played at least ONE game.
  2. It’s okay if you resigned after participating…You are free to grab the badge, as long as you have the qualifications in item 1 (at least one game!)
  3. There will be badges for both the light and dark theme.
  4. Don’t claim a prize that’s not yours…It’s not a good thing to do, and you would risk disqualification from the league.

####For first three places in each class: The Shi Yue 9P commentated version of Lee Sedol’s epic blunder game (a.k.a. the signup prize.)

I am still working on the translations, but the review will be released soon! :smile:

####For the class winners only!

Bravo! You will receive an embeddable champion badge, also made by @Francisa. Details will be announced soon!

Keep in mind that these are just prizes for the FIRST month…There will be more and more prizes coming up, so fight hard in your games! Bon courage! :blush:


#HERE COME YO’ BADGES :smiley: :smiley:

###Please post the following code on your profile (in user settings, copy and paste the code in the “About” section") and claim your honor(s)!

###Credits to @Francisa :heart:

####January Participants:

<img src='//ogs-forums.s3.amazonaws.com/3244e78e29496a0bbb6363f96d22497d2a452831bcd3.png'>

Icon version:

<img src="http://i.imgur.com/th0d2hz.png">

####January Winners: Sadaharu, xhu98, MIllencolin, Levvo, apetresc, inspere, Françisa, iridium, nadoss, KoBa, hqrpie, asdf1234, Oni, baelofoax, gohiontach, JPedro, chomesy, Criculann, alasdairgo, mkei, Eorgosa, amcsparron2793

<img src='//ogs-forums.s3.amazonaws.com/32464e41abd196e8a31ee9320f3aac7f11ea9ab3fd8a.png'>

Icon version:

<img src='//ogs-forums.s3.amazonaws.com/32479ab0dfd20a7f25aefd99c23dc5193ba74d3a15f5.png'>

Review coming up! :smile:

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I wants my badge!

i claim free stuff :smiley:

Yay for badge~


EVERYONE? So I can claim? Then I will claim… ok, “I declare my claim” :blush:
forever yours, claimy gubbelface

yay Prizes

Haha you don’t need to pronounce your claims… :blush: I will publish the prizes here soon. Remember to only take YOUR prizes, though… :sunny:

I hope you guys will enjoy my work :heart:


I want badge too

badge, badge badge! :stuck_out_tongue:

Only 7 badges left, then I’ll be the Pokemon league champion. What joy!


I don’t know how to claim, I would even claim not to know, but I want to! :smile: :smile:

do you know when the badges for the dark theme will be done?

Hey Vicarios,

Actually these badges work for both themes! I am using dark theme myself and they look really good! However, you can suggest any alternative styles and we’ll see if @Francisa is willing to craft them! :smiley:

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Cool, my go has been a bit embarrassing over the last few weeks but I am proud of this badge! :slight_smile:

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One of the badges is a bit darker in color.

Here’s the corrected version: http://i.imgur.com/th0d2hz.png

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Any change to get that white background to transparent?

Hey Oni,

not from my side, sorry. Transparent looks horrible on the Dark Theme. You can relatively easy change it yourself though, with e.g. GIMP (A free graphic tool).