Japanese ~ English Go Terms

“The Go terms in this dictionary are listed in Japanese with their Romanization and English equivalents.”

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I find gobase’s to be more helpful with actual pictures accompanying some of the terms. Also far more comprehensive.

I also notice yours misses certain common terms like katatsuki (shoulder hit).


I for one am not the biggest fan of over using Japanese terms. I was getting a live over the board review the other day and the other person kept saying a word I didn’t understand. Took me about 2-3 mins to realise that he was talking about a ladder. If he had just said ladder I would have understood straight away. Similarly for terms like shoulder hit. I think the English term for these is perfectly fine and I think we should be encouraging people to use English (or whatever language is common to both players ).

On the other hand there are Japanese terms like like aji that we don’t really have a direct translation for, and in this case, it is fine. But why people insist on using Japanese for simple terms, I don’t get.
I also think that this is one of the reasons it is harder for westerner beginners to take up Go and something that actively inhibits learning. If a beginner hears “net”, then they have an idea of what it might be from their knowledge of the English language but the same can’t be said for “Geta” or “katatsuki”.

Sorry. I am ranting.