Jincho(6k) vs Howtoplay?(10k)

Hi just hoping for a review on this game, after some poor opening moves I put myself in a hard position. Which lead to me getting very few points allowing him to build a strong wall for influence in the middle and good influence for two corners all while he kept sente.

I messed up a 3-3 invasion which should of lived. For move 90 I should of played “S4” After that I tried using surrounding aji to try to make the group live which didn’t work out for me, I ended up taking a ko fight that did not work in my favour, move 144 should have been played at “C18” to avoid the ko.

After that I played a attach move on his top right corner which reduced him quite a bit I’m unsure if I could of killed the top right. At the end I made a slight mistake which gave him a few points more in the top right than he should of got.

After that it was mostly endgame, Thank you in advance for your review.

Thank you very much for the review Mark, it gave me a lot to think about with how I look at the board position.

If not to much trouble I was hoping for a continuation. of course if someone else wishes to continue the review I would be happy with that as well.

Here it is: https://online-go.com/review/69778

After your right group died, I just skipped forward to your other comments because of time. I wish I had more.

Thank you very much for the review it is much appreciated