Join the Infinity League and imitate a pro, for funs and funzits!

Oh good and gentle townsfolk of FOGC,

Deconstructing Infinity (*), your one-stop-shop (**) for studying pro games, is launching the first round of the Infinity League!

What is the goal of this AMAZING league, you ask? The goal is to have fun with the game in a brand-new, totally-never-seen-before way (***).

What do you win? You win the respect of your peers (probably) and a special title in the Discord server (for sure), and experience truly unforgettable moments (****).

What do you have to do? Super simple! Just play a game and imitate the playstyle of a particular professional as best you can.

We’ll pick a very beloved pro to start with: Takemiya Masaki.

You have until December 31st, 2023 to choose and submit one game to be judged.

How will it be judged? By a jury of our peers, on a Twitch stream, probably the second week of January 2024, to give people time to come back from vacation, recover from their hangovers, and give up on their new years’ resolutions.

Join the discord (see first footnote), hang out in #league-general with other folks participating, discuss ways to copy Takemiya Masaki, study his games together to find new imitating techniques, and remember, before December 31st, 2023, submit your chosen game in the #submissions channel! History in that channel is hidden to preserve some amount of surprise later on; if you submit more than one game, I’ll reach out to you to figure out which one I should keep. When you submit a game, make sure you indicate which color you played! And if you played a game with someone else who is participating, then tell us which person had which color.

The game doesn’t have to be ranked. It can be blitz. Or correspondence. Or a normal game. You don’t have to win the game. After all, you’re not a pro. I mean, it’s OK if you are, I don’t wanna discourage pros from participating. But you don’t have to win the game. It just has to be a game where you think you did a good job imitating Takemiya Masaki.

There are no rank or skill restrictions. Are you 18k? 8d? 4p? Do you want to give it a shot? GO FOR IT. HAVE FUN (*****) !

(*) : discord invite code: BkFSWtEycY

(**) : assembly required, no insurance available, may cause cancer in lab rats

(***) : marketing told me this was OK

(****) : you’re on your own

(*****) : I broke my caps lock key (******)

(******) : footnotes are fun.

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