Join the OGS Northern Solstice Teaching Ladder Tournament! Starts June 21st!

The Teaching Ladder Tournament is intended to generate loads of fun games, especially for people new to the game. All are welcome!

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How many games will we play per round?


Minimum of 4 per round; sometimes you might get 5. There are 4 rounds, so 16-20 games in total, over about 4 to 12 months. I’ll try and hurry people up if most are finished. This is slightly longer than the automatic weekly/monthlies.

I’m considering decreasing number of rounds to three

seems like it’s taking a while for this to start? it’s stuck on “Tournament is starting”.

It could be because we have a large amount of people, and the grouping is taking some time. I think the developers know about it, and we will know what is wrong for certain soon.