"Join this Tournament" button should display "Tournament Full" or be hidden if tournament is full

Hello, I guess the title says it all :slight_smile:
It’s just one click saved, but every click saved improves the user experience IMHO.


had a tournament with max 10 players where i ended up trying to join when it was allready full because it didn’t say anywhere it was full.

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I thought the max players is indicated in the tournament description by default, but i am wrong maybe?

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@Groin no, you are not wrong. But if a tournament has a max of 20+, do you want to count the items in the player list before you press the button? probably not. But you are right: the information is already on the page :slight_smile:


My point is: for me, it’s kind of a mental effort to decide, if i want to participate in a tournament with a lot of people. It would be nice if the site would spare me that effort in some cases.

I think that is the main reason, why I bothered to post this suggestion. If it would have been just a click saved, it wouldn’t have triggered me that much :slight_smile: