Joining and then cancelling because of time settings

I’m really starting to hate people.
At least 3 out of 10 people here join a game or even a ladder where time settings are clearly to see set to correspondance. Sorry but this is pissing me off already after being here for only a week. Can I ban those from joining my games somehow?

Probably. I think, however, you should wait a little longer as things calm down before wielding the ban stick.

Question for the developers: Is it even possible to ban someone on your ladder?

We are planning on implementing a personal ‘ban list’ to prevent folks from joining your open games or challenging you, but it’s not implemented yet.

We’re also going to try and improve the interface a bit so it’s less error prone for people joining correspondence games that are looking for live games… not sure how much it’ll help but hopefully it’ll be better than nothing.

It’s a known annoying problem, we’ll be working on it :slight_smile:

And no SunPin it’s not possible to ban someone in your ladder, but you can kick them out of the group.

:smiley: I’m lloking forward to it. Thank you.