Joseki comment not turning up here?

I posted a question on Play Go at! | OGS

Isn’t that supposed to turn up here in this forum category automatically?

It has been buggy and might be completely disabled now. I think it needs work because once posted here, the discussion gets split up.

The character limit makes discussing it in comments impractical though.

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Thanks for confirming.

So what is the recommended way of raising joseki questions atm?

I would say by creating a thread here.

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Yeah - the problem is that discourse (this forum) frequently refuses comments made by “a bot” - that’s what OJE looks like to discourse.

I’m nearly back to looking at OJE, and hope to dig into this one, though I’m not sure what I’ll be able to do. It seems obvious that we’d like a connection between OJE and here, but how that can successfully happen I don’t know yet.

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It seems pretty strange to me that software as popular as discourse doesn’t have some kind of official API backend you can auth into to post legitimate bot posts… seems like it’d be pretty useful for announcements and whatnot…

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Maybe it does, and I just didn’t find it yet?