Joseki Dictionary - tenuki and enclosures

Just to draw it out from the longer thread: you can “tenuki” by pressing “pass”.

If the “pass” button is lit up yellow, it means there is a tenuki variation available.

I too find this a common question in my play :slight_smile:

So I put in this position, and asked @mark5000 if he’d mind elaborating.

I entered it, and you can get to it, by pressing “pass” after playing the 4-4 stone - that’s how you “do” enclosures.

If you play the enclosure using the dictionary and the invasion variations are not there, it means they are not added yet.

Awesome. Thanks for your work on this @Eugene. I just added and will continue that later and also look into your question. :slight_smile:

Woo hoo - 3-4 enclosure analysis, yay :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to instead of having a pass/tenuki move an actual play in another corner tenuki move and then the joseki in that (& the other two) corner(s)?

My instinct is that this changes it from being joseki analysis (which is about the local position) into a whole board analysis, which would be out of scope, and more suitable for AI.

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