Joseki Dictionary update 2019-08-28

Hi All,

There is (at last!) a new version of the Joseki Dictionary available on the beta test site.

I’m not sure if you’ll spot a lot of changes - most work has been kind of under the hood.

One great thing is that contributors have started adding positions in earnest, so it is no longer an empty shell waiting for content. Thanks to @mark5000 and @shinuito in particular for this good head start.

One thing that may be noticeable is layout tweaks. The previous version was kind of “throw the stuff on the page”, and barely worked on a phone.

This version is supposed to be “pretty reasonable” across a range of display types/sizes.

Feedback on that (and any other) is welcome.

I’m starting to feel like this might be ready for official go live. If you’re interested in being an editor/contributor just let me know - it’s a manual user setting, at the moment.


Things that still need to be done:

  • Consider forcing “Joseki” filter in Play mode
  • Make sure Play mode ends properly if the user gets to a final position that is not Joseki
  • Fix up layout when the “Moves Made” string gets rather long (the old solution doesn’t work in the new layout)

I’ll write some documentation soon.

One thing I’ve noticed is that Play mode really needs the “Filter” turned on with “Joseki” selected, otherwise you can go down paths that don’t lead anywhere sensible.

I might even “force” that to be the case.

Just tested it on my phone, submitting moves and comments all worked smoothly. UI was intuitive. Looks good.

Galaxy S7 and Chrome browser (current release) FWIW


The Play mode doesn’t allow mirrored variations.

For example, R17: Ideal, Q16: Ideal, R16: Ideal
but, R17: Ideal, Q16: Ideal, Q17: You made that up!

These variations are the same, but I don’t expect the contributor to enter them twice.


Yes - the topic of mirrors and rotations is somewhat vexed.

At the moment, the only “interim” answer I have is that “Joseki go right and down where possible”.

So for example. Q16 R14 is in, but Q16 O17 is not.

Somehow this seems more “OK” in Explore mode, I guess because you can see where the variation that you have in mind actually ended up.

In Explore mode, I can envision being able to mirror and rotate the board, so you can see the variation in the position you want to.

In Play mode I don’t have a good idea for “how to do better”.

I’m open to suggestions. In the mean time, I guess explore with the idea of “make your choices right and down”. At least Play mode is quick to tell you where it thinks OK moves are.


I can’t really hypothesise about how they solved the problem, but waltheri have implemented mirroring… not sure if you can find what you need by examining their site?

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On this topic - Anoek has given me some more ‘homework’ to do before go live :woozy_face:

But in the mean time there is now some documentation and plenty of actual real joseki in there now to explore.


I read this as ‘pointless busy-work so that his project gets to release before yours’ :wink:

I guess that if Anoek needs space to get a particular feature out & stable before bringing another big feature on-line, that is probably “a valid point” rather than “pointless” :wink:


never said his reasoning was pointless, just perhaps your ‘homework’ :wink:

Nah, at least some of it is very worth doing :smiley:

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