Joseki error

S19 T19 S18
W can get a K.O,B can not kill.

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This does make sense to me.
(But I am not a joseki expert.)

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I appears @mark5000 submitted that one - maybe he can explain?

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It’s about the comment on an earlier position

that says

A and B kill, but B gives a stone outside.

and A seems to be a ko.

Side note for @GreenAsJade when navigating back and forward a bit, say from the OP’s position, and then going through some variations I tend to get the joseki explorer freezing and no allowing clicks and the console showing



I think OJE is in need of some love, it’ on the list.


A and B not help is inaccurate description.
But B K.O,A die.

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The sequence and the corresponding comments are sourced from Kogo’s Joseki Dictionary. I agree with others’ opinions that it appears to be incorrect.


Kogo’s is well known to have quite a lot of wrong information.

I don’t understand your objection. First, there is already a stone at S18 so you can’t play there. I assume you mean T18 which is what @Atorrante shows in his diagram. But then Black just plays T17 and kills, if they ignore whatever ko threat W makes


Edit:S19 T19 S19
But kill with K.O not it kill(generally used to represent kill without K.O).I think this a error.

A new error.

B can S17 refutation R17,not have 1k life and death puzzle.
edit:not is a error.

You have failed to consider some white resistance moves (I added one to your demo), which as you are 1k suggests the characteristisation of it as a 1k life and death puzzle is reasonable. I also don’t understand why you don’t think your 20 move variation, if correct, could not be that 1k life and death puzzle.

O2 can resistance P2.

Is that your final answer? Would you like to read more before I tell you what you missed?

Okey,you are right,B need Q2,the puzzle have 1k.