Joseki Explorer lagginess - improvement?

OJE was getting laggy,

I tweaked the way OJE fetches the next moves.

In theory it should be improved - it seems to be, to me.

To get much better (which it needs) I have to tackle the server side, which I will get to.

Feedback welcome.


It’s hard to compare since I don’t remember how much lagginess it had, but it’s still slower than josekipedia for me (OGS taking about a second between moves, josekipedia about half that)

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Yeah - it is, especially at the first couple of moves in a sequence. My impression is that it’s much more snappy further down the chain.

“Slower than josekipedia” is totally unacceptable :slight_smile: … so I’ll keep working on it.

(Even though we have tags and filers and they do not)


It seems a lot faster!

I’m still really bothered by how slow the empty board is, though. It seems like it’s slower to return to the beginning with the back arrow than it is to reload the whole page!


That was a bug. I’ve submitted a PR for this, hopefully should be in soon.

(I doubt if it was actually slower, but it certainly was completely refetching the empty board on backarrow instead of using the cached version.)


This bugfix, along with other “client side” optimisations, is in place now.

What I’m seeing is many more instant display of next result, and hardly any waits of more than 1s.

When there is a wait, it seems to be typically ~ 3/4s.

There’s still work “server side” to be done to get this down to half that, which would be the best anyone could expect I think.