Joseki explorer sgf dump?

Hi, I’m new to ogs, and I like the joseki explorer that you have on your site, but I also really like using Sabaki to learn and review my games. So I use the SGF format a lot, and I wanted to know if it was possible to have the joseki explorer in sgf format?

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I don’t think this is immediately available. When we were developing Josekle, we had a similar desire to directly access an SGF dump of the OGS joseki dictionary. However, we wound up scraping the website somehow to build an SGF file that we then converted for our purposes to the make the Josekle game.

Maybe some of the code here might be useful: josekle/sgf at master · okonomichiyaki/josekle · GitHub

There is even a cached SGF of part of the tree, however, it does not contain the various commentary.

Actually, I don’t really understand that (joseki dictionary scraper) part of the codebase, as I’m not familiar with ruby and it was solely worked on by @okonomichiyaki.


We even know when you did that, because the OJE hitrate had a massive peak that day :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I don’t remember it at all so we are in the same situation :joy: but it’s just a Ruby script using basic techniques to cache results to files to avoid repeated hits to the nodes (to avoid hammering OGS but as Eugene notes it was still significant traffic compared to normal I guess even with 0.2 req/s if I’m reading the code for 5s wait between requests right?)

The scraper extracted JSON from the API and reproduced the position in SGF so I believe you are correct there is no functionality here for including the commentary of each node. Might be easy for someone (aka not me*) to add. But it might be even better long term for the community if OGS devs could dump the database somewhere, or create a procedure to periodically dump it. I wonder what the long term archival strategy is for the explorer data. :thinking:

*(If I was going to revisit this there are some other data issues that actually impact Josekle puzzles that I’d rather spend the time on)

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