Joseki(pedia) Translations

In Portuguese, as I imagine it is the case for many other languages, we lack a lot of good content there is in English already, and one of the most requested topics I’ve had as a teacher so far has been josekis. I’ve always dispatched my students into josekipedias as a workaround, however they all complain they can’t read the comments in the various josekipedias.

So… I know it might incur in copy-paste hell, but could we open source translations of OGS’s josekipedia so contributors can help with making the content available in other languages? I think it would be possible to minimize the copy-paste hell with some sort of notification if the source material — perhaps the source material should always be in English — has changed at some point.


Having translated OJE is a great idea. Would need a responsible for maintenance for each language because the content is evolving.

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I’ve been a bit disconnected [work and family issues], but I’m trying to get back in the game (pun intended).
I can help with Spanish translations and maintenance :smiley: