Joseki that humans got (very) wrong

Here, I want to create a more visible and permanent reference for patterns that have been difficult address in the OGS Joseki Explorer. The first ones that jump to mind are the ones where AI says there are significant (2-3+ point) mistakes. Because these patterns are often outdated or stem from unorthodox corner choices, they are difficult to find professional sources on.

As a contributor, I have kept a light hand and kept to adding professionally sourced patterns. Below are some exceptions. They are either human moves labeled as Mistake/Questionable or AI suggestions.

Mistake in 3-4 High Approach Outside Attachment
Mistake in a complicated 5-4 fight
A Bad Placement Suji in Double Approach Situations
A Better AI Move in a Common Amateur Pattern

I’ll try to keep this updated with any other feedback about wrong/misleading patterns that come to my attention. I’m also open to feedback on the procedure for labeling and annotating these positions.

Do any of you know of some bad human josekis?


Here are a few that I have:
Atari From Wrong Direction to a Probe
Misplay in an Old Pincer Joseki
An Overplay in a Fancy Pincer Joseki

Again, the process for making any edits to these obscure and outdated patterns is hazy so I err on the side of caution and just leaving them until professionals cover them. That has the downside of leaving misleading patterns. My thought is that with discussion, we can correct some of these without risking our own form of mistakes or going overboard with it.


I can think of only one off the top of my head:

White runs away from a complicated fight by leaving a cutting stone to die.

I think it’s pretty well-known and already marked as a “good” (not-ideal) variation.
The question is: how bad is it really? Is it maybe an outright mistake?


That’s a good example. Differentiating between Good/Mistake is part of the difficulty. The line drawn is pretty arbitrary. It makes this kind of judgement subjective or time-consuming if done more thoroughly.

That particular pattern loses quite a lot unless Black has a stone around F17 area but it is from multiple mistakes. That single move isn’t too egregious. It should be discussed further, it seems like it was one of the very first joseki added and needs some sources and touched up on.

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