Josekipedia - what happened to it?

Today I tried to look up a joseki sequence, only when I went to it took me to go instead. Seems to be a site run by the same guy, but I can’t seem to access josekipedia no matter what I try. Anyone else have this problem?

If there is no more josekipedia that is a real shame - it was an invaluable resource.

Sensei’s Library is useful:

It is still working for me. Maybe there was some kind of software update? - Maybe try to click it from here.

Weird. I tried clicking the link in Franzisa’s post, and still get redirected to go

I have no idea why you can access it and I can’t :frowning

They both run on the same server, the admin has a config problem - if you go to it without the www it works:

2 Likes is indeed working, and the variation data seems to load prompty as well :smile:

I’ve learnt about this via a thread on the L19 forum, and I’ve already notified the admin via a thread in the “Bugs” board of the Josekipedia forum … hope they read it. If not I guess I should write them a mail …

Greetings, Tom

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Thanks Tom!

It’s fixed now.


All it took was to use whois and whois—and then, a little initiative, which was the hardest part :smiley:

Thanks everyone for solving this… I knew I could count on you guys for a solution! Thumbs up to the OGS community,


A beautiful alternative is :
Not just for joseki, but also for fuseki. Enjoy!


@Onno : that is fantastic. You can play your moves and see if your planned continuation was played in a pro game. So cool.