Josekis for 13x13

I was wondering if there are resources for 13x13 josekis. Since the board is quite a bit smaller, I am not sure if all the 19x19 josekis apply or if there are some other variations
PS: I have played all my 13x13 games assuming that I can use standard josekis


I’m guessing the josekis are the same, just the influence ones will be worse because there’s not much space to use the influence.

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13x13 joseki are generally the same as 19x19 joseki. Here’s a blog post highlighting a few that still work well in 13x13 Go:路盤でも使える定石_星編?_x_tr_sl=ja&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en

Attachment joseki to a 4–4 point and to a 3–4 point also work really well in 13x13 Go.


thanks for the replies

how about 9x9?

seems to me that 9x9 is just fighting. there is a pdf called “81 little Lions”, but I am not sure if it’s really that useful

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You can have peaceful 9x9 games too, though they are rarer on the small board. Either way, 81 Little Lions is an excellent read :heart:

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yeah, but i think if it’s peaceful white will win. black has to make up the 6.5 komi

The 6.5 komi is there to balance out the advantage black has of starting with sente. Depending on your play style, many people find either black or white easier, even in peaceful games black can win if they use their initiative well.

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