Jubango challenge

If anybody would like to start a jubango with me(10 game match) on any size board with no handicap I would be interested. Any rank is welcome. If board size is 19x19 I would appreciate it if we could organize a couple live sessions so we could finish the match in less than a year. After each game we could(not needed) make a short review of the game

Thank you in advance to anybody who accepts my offer.

I would like to play a 9x9 jubango! Are we playing a McMahon 2 players tournament or 10 standard games?

Sounds very interesting! I would be up for a 19x19 jubango with live games! :smile: (Iā€™m about 2k - 1k)

I created a new group called Jubango center. I figured everybody who wants to have a Jubango could set it up there.
I invited you both to the group