JulienM(12k) vs. aristid(10k) 9x9 Review request

Can someone review this game ? I have the sad impression than at move 9 the game is over for me… Just don’t see what i can do at this point. Perhaps my openings are so bad that i have no chance in the end-game ?

here you go. the game was not lost quite as early as you thought in my opinion, even though you could have handled the invasion better (… i mean captured it :stuck_out_tongue: ). if you feel behind, dont be afraid to start a fight.
hope i could help.

As pointed by @kickaha move 9 may be the key. W did tenuki to reinforce his invasion stone so you came back , not being able to continue on the right . Besides when w reinforce he makes your upper side weaker. You should therefore have answered locally by 2-2 or by bending around outside.