Jump or press or what? - what do you think? (beginner level question)

one move in a game between a 4k and a 10k was reviewed by the 4k player; then reviews of that review were solicited and received from a 2D and two Pros. i am not qualified to judge, but i have the feeling that there may be more to the basic question that was facing the 10k - ie, jump or press or something else? - than has so far been explored, and a more leisurely exploration of it might open up some insights into the basics of Go strategy and tactics in a way that beginners could understand.

“Three Teachers Teach a Teacher” relates, verbatim, 3 reviews by a strong amateur and 2 Pros of a review by a 4kyu of a “where should black play now?” actual game decision problem encountered by a 10kyu.

Your own thoughts on what black should do at move 6 might help anyone who is, like i still am, even after having received the opinions of 3 strong players, unsure as to what is the right answer beyond any reasonable doubt. Of course, there is a theoretical “right” answer, but that would require rather a long time to compute :smile:

And I think that after all those billions of years the theoretically correct answer would be “pass”. Being so hopelessly outnumbered, White will have to resign next move no matter what Black does, right? :wink:

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White will have to resign next move no matter what Black does, right?

when i first encountered Go, 40 years ago, it was de rigueur to pass when you knew you couldn’t win, for to stubbornly continue playing a clearly lost game is plainly insulting to your opponent. However, things have changed since Hikaru came along, so i think Black shouldn’t trust White to do the honte thing. Especially, when, as happened to me in a game i posted for review earlier today, you fall asleep once you are so far ahead that you become complacent, only to trip over your own feet and collapse in a heap.


That’s true, but neither fighting hopeless battle nor falling asleep seems theoretically perfect to me. :slight_smile:
Of course there should be a perfect local play in the situation discussed in the video. But being only slightly stronger (if at all) than the original Black, I’m not the one to tell what that move could be.

Isn’t there an anecdote about two gods (or divine beings or whatever, I forget exactly) sat down to play a game of go? On of them played the first move. The other thought for 5 minutes, then resigned. I don’t remember where I heard it, but point is, at a certain point, ‘Resign’ or ‘offer draw’ would be the theoretically correct move.

presumably one god was white and the other black. but which one was the goodie and which the baddy?

I don’t recall.

It might even be about shogi, not go. I really don’t remember any details at all.