Just coming to realise how exciting Haylee's games are

Just thought I’d enthuse a little bit about Haylee’s games on YouTube.

I feel like the community has always valued the Tartrate games and the Legend88 games, and all we had was the game records and the KGS kibitz.

Now, we have someone, who makes Tygem 8dan players seem weak and whose identity is pretty much an open secret, who has been playing commentated games. 43 of them so far. What an amazing resource.

It’s a very good time to be a go player :smiley:


I always thought that Lee Hajin chose Haylee as her nickname to make it pretty obvious it’s her. Somehow, an illuminati-like subculture to protect her name has arisen from it. :confused:

Some people on the internet freak out if you point it out.

Her games are an inspiration, and I love to watch them!


I feel like people want to respect her wish to remail anonymous - I suppose if her identity (assuming it is her) became total public knowledge, she would have to stop playing on Tygem…

I just started watching. Why would she have to stop playing in Tygem. Also why is her identity supposed to be secret?

Yeah, it’s all kinda illuminati-like.

A lot of Pro players play as amateurs on Tygem, you can even see “who is who” on Sensei’s library. (Most of them are 9d or 8d) If she really wanted to stay secret, she should have picked another name. It’s like I make a sandbagger account and call it ÇisaFran. :wink:

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Yeah, exactly. I feel like people should just respect her wish, stop speculating and enjoy her amazing games!

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Exactly, her games are great, especially with her running commentary.

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hmmm one can’t deny that she’s not that open about her true identity though. I remember one time when someone on the tygem chat was wondering whether she was pro, and she just said “what is that ? oh, someone asks if I’m pro…” and she did not give any precision after this. In any case, we shouldn’t care about whom she is or is not, as long as she keeps uploading videos :smile:

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