Just for Fun Tournament

Hello all,

I’d like to bring your attention to the “Just for Fun” tournament that Corey W has set up:

He says he’ll start the tournament when he gets 40 or so participants. Please consider joining.



Sorry that this isn’t documented but this tournament type (Simultaneous Elimination) really only works well if there are multiple hundreds of people playing… it will be an extremely short tournament otherwise. In the future consider a swiss or mcmahon style tournament.

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I’m not so sure that all those options are available. Are you suggesting multiple tournaments?

Anyhow, I think this is a nice effort to get some kind of handicap tournament started. I’ve signed up for a couple of them, but they don’t start.

The ideal tournament type for a variety of player strengths is a McMahon tournament. Note that we already do strength-based pairing for tournaments. Having a McMahon tournament with the bars set effectively creates a tournament with 3 tiers.

I will be starting it today at 4:00 U.S. eastern time. Thank you for participating.

And I’m sorry I haven’t made a tourney before.

It has started good luck to everyone.

Hey Corey, I’d say you’ve done fine. Thanks for organizing the tournament.

This is supposed to be a handicap tournament, but none of my games have handicap stones. Can that be fixed?

[quote=“saxmaam, post:10, topic:776, full:true”][…] but none of my games have handicap stones.[/quote] yoohoo yoohoo … finally it’s the other way ’round … in the last tourney I had a few opponents who were around ten stones stronger, also w/o HC :smiley:

[quote] Can that be fixed?[/quote] NOOOOOOOO

:wink: < jk >

Ah well, if it’s fixed, it will also be okay, I often play against a majority of B stones …

But the tournament has already begun, I fear it will not be possible, or some games will have to be anulled.

Regards, Tom

thinking about whether I should just pass a few times until the black stones would have an appropriate number …

There was a tournament with this problem before, and it was fixed by an administrator. It’s what we signed up for, right? For non-handicap play, we can sign up for no-handicap tournaments, yes?

Komi shows as NaN (Not A Number).