Ke Jie vs. Park Junghwan: Tournament Game of the Week

Based on the half-dozen games I’ve looked at, here’s my game of the week (Month? Season? Year? It’s a good one !):

The game is Ke Jie vs. Park Junghwan in the semi-finals of the Chunlan Cup.

Not only is the game Ke Jie vs Park Junghwan, possibly the greatest two players of the current generation, but it’s very much a clash of styles. Ke Jie champions the ultra modern take the territory/hit the 3-3s/invade the resulting influence super severely computer inspired approach to the game. Park Junghwan, on the other hand, says “bring it”, and goes all-in on influence! He hits a single 3-3, but only after playing an approach, and then turns the corner into a ko (Park Junghwan likes his ko fights, I’ve noticed!), which he then gives up to profit in the center.

Park Junghwan wins by half a point, which is significant because:

  • He’s now in the finals against last year’s runner up, Park Yeonghun
  • He’s back in the #1 live spot
  • Suck it, robots!



Thanks! It was relayed on twitch too, I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet.

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A few corrections:

  • Chunlan Cup is not a title match so there’s no title-holder
  • Park Yeonghun did not win the last season, Tan Xiao won

Whoops! I read the “runner-up” column as the winner on Go4Go.