Keep being asked to place handicap stones

Hi, I’m playing against Amaranthus and it keeps passing its turn, waiting for me to place handicap stones. I’ve already placed them, I just end up placing more. What’s up? Have I missed something…?

In the game information, you can check what is the handicap.

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Link to the game?

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5 stones

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It seems you play a private game so we can’t help much.
Play 5 times and then the bot will play normally.


I tried unchecking the ‘private’ box but it behaves the same way. Does seem a bit strange that I can’t just register and play against the computer as my first game.

Since we can’t see the game because it’s private, could you maybe take a screenshot to show us the issue?

A first screenshot of the window with the board showing; and a second screenshot in which you’ve clicked “Game information” on the menu on the right, so we know the parameters of the game.

If you want to play fair (beginners level), play unrated games (so don’t use automatch for example).
If you don’t you will get a provisional rating in the middle of the scaling which will probably get you be crushed a number of times until you get a more realistic rating. Sorry, that’s how it works.

A non-private game (5 stone handicap)

White played its single stone after my 7th move

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If the handicap is 5 you shouldn’t have to put so many stones. There is a problem here (you have 9 stones more).
Bots playing here are not managed by OGS but by their owners. There is no contact info in this bot profile. Sorry.

It looks like a bug with a bot misbehaving. I’ll file a report with the admin of the bot and look into whether we might want to disable that bot for the time being.

Please try a game with a different bot.


In the chat, the bot said: “Waiting for opponent to place all handicap stones.”

So it looks like that bot has been programmed to have “its own” handicap setting, and instead of letting OGS handle the number of handicap stones, the bot has decided how much handicap there should be, and passes until their opponent has played a certain number of moves.