Keep getting this password saving dialog

For some reason, OGS stubbornly keeps asking me to save this information whenever I switch to another part of OGS:


(note: I miss a topic preview mode here)

This is sort of a basic question usually, but before I ask some of the more knowledgable people to have a look, could you try logging out and back in? Possibly even purging cookies and stuff before you log back in. It can often help :slight_smile:

Easiest is ctrl+shift+delete but that will purge for all sites, which is inconvenient. Otherwise you have to handpick from settings. (Let me know if you would like a write up on how to)

  • on mobile devices it is the most right monitor icon on the bar
  • on PCs it is easier

This might just be me, but it seems that this is not a prompt from OGS but some kind of firefox login saver. I believe you will find the problem lies on the pw saver rather than with OGS…

…also, I’m not sure I’d recommend using a browser’s built in login credentials saver.

If you like the convenience of having your passwords saved, I highly recommend LastPass (which I personally use) or any other popular encrypted password manager. They are much more secure and have many useful features for helping you remain safe online.


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Sorry about that, got a little too offtopicy for my taste :smiley:

Is there some follow-up @axd?

I see now why I didn’t have a preview… the right-hand side pane that contains the preview contained a one-time kind of yellowish help dialog that I now cannot reinstate for the purpose of this discussion (it can probably with cookies, but that is not how an average user should do it).

this dialog that is supposed to help is actually confusing.

so, what I’d suggest

  1. remove this one-time thing, have it open with with a button with e.g. a question mark
  2. ensure that this one-time thing can be brought back - I cancelled it, but would like to see what was in it.

EDIT: while editing this text, I notice that the yellow help dialog DOES come back.

It says “for the first two posts” … but a newcomer has other issues to deal with than to read such a dialog (and localise the tiny “esc” button…). this dialog should be shown elsewhere, not in the preview pane.

Forums run on a third party software, I am unsure what changes we can and cannot make. If you find it important, please create a separate, appropriately named thread for it.

I was more interested about the password dialog. Did logging out/in and deleting coockies help, or shall I consult the devs?

(Actually, the preview issue should have been split off into a separate topic!)

Returning to the password nagging, it seems to no longer appear - for now, but I still suspect something fishy (in the sense of being a bug) has been happening.

More specifically, this seems to have happened as a one-time occurrence, yet it is not clear to me why exactly this happened. If I ever clear cookies, I’ll watch for it.

(and meanwhile, the “helpful” panel in the preview pane has been appearing more than twice to me…)

Ah! I now see where the nagging can come from: the forums as a separate piece of software. Good to know.

I did not delete cookies, but IIRC I logged out/it, not sure. For me this issue is closed for now, but I’ll keep an eye on it.

Ok, thanks for the follow-up :slight_smile: the thread will stay open should it ever happen again to anyone