Keeping up with young pros

Because I didn’t want to call this thread “following kids”.

I thought it’d be nice to have a place to discuss how young professionals – as a guideline, U25 and < 7p (aka Shinjin O rules) – are doing.

Some of the more prominent examples:


Apparently Fukuoka is born in dec 2005 so is 15 years old.

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Tang Jiawen (唐嘉雯) is doing well.

She’s reached 4p since qualifying in (probably) 2017, and this year she beat Rui Naiwei in the Go Seigen Cup.

Still quite obscure, though. She has a Go4Go profile with quite a lot of games, but no article on Chinese Wikipedia.

Hmm, I’m not sure how strong Rui is these days. She was born in 1963. I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s in the top ten or twenty players over 50, but who knows?

Then you should take a look at Discovery Cup (or Disukabari- Cup, haha): 第2回 ディスカバリー杯(Discovery CUP) | 棋戦 | 囲碁の日本棋院

Under 18, under 2p + insei.

It’s in preliminaries stage for now, first group already played out.

In the first group Tanaka Yuki is 3-0, and he has only 8 games in his personal record.

Probably we should watch for 河原裕院生, he’s on top of the insei list, that must mean something, right?

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Cheng Jiaye is doing well.

In three years he’s gone from a 1p to a 3p, entering the Chinese A League.

Last March he beat both Lian Xiao and Yang Dingxin, very strong 9ps.

The strongest teens are Tu Xiaoyu and Wang Xinghao. They are probably future champions.

The youngest pro is 陈家瑞 (messed up his English name) so he is someone to look out for. Here is an article about him.

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He’s not exactly young any more by professional standards (born 1990) but I just updated the SL article of Han Wongkyu for the first time since 2010.

Han had a good decade (and a successful twenties), rising from 3p to 7p.

I bulked out Nyu Eiko’s SL article’s SL article.

She’s a 22 year old top (domestic) female player and Michael Redmond’s niece. She’ll probably win a big women’s title in the next few years.

Kosumi is probably playing in that Discovery Cup around now.

Oh, prudent Chinese are even relaying: 弈客围棋

Look at this one, 弈客围棋 insei 日野勝太 fights everything and kills.

Our boi 日野勝太 tried once again to fight everything but this time professional opponent squirmed out of every fight winning 弈客围棋

Looks like Kosumi won with a kill 弈客围棋

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Nice! I’m happy for her.

Also, I didn’t know Yike was a non-client server.