Keyboard navigation in embedded SGFs


Is it possible to enable keyboard support in the sgf player and allow forum users to replay a game using the arrow keys?
It is much easier to browse embedded game with just two keys on keyboard than clicking sgf player buttons with the mouse cursor.


I would like this too! Unfortunately Eidogo binds to the global keyboard event handler and thus enabling it has two unfortunate effects

  1. Using the arrow keys will affect all SGFs loaded on the page (not so bad, but annoying)
  2. It will grab the input and not let users use the arrow keys or keys like ’ when editing new replies to topics (That one is bad!)

So, we need to get Eidogo fixed up before we can enable this. It’s certainly on the radar to fix, but if someone wants to take a crack at it before I get a chance to I believe here is where one would start looking:

Once that’s fixed up in some way we’d love to turn those shortcuts on :slight_smile:

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I will post this here as the announcement thread is closed about Eidogo embedding.
I am not a programmer but I read that SGF viewer at was built because the author wanted something better than Eidogo. I wonder if that would be more modern(as OGS is modern) and thus better in the forums.
It seems to be better than Eidogo from what I can see. It scales properly and stuff like that.

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