Keyboard Shortcut to load analysis mode?


First : I love OGS.

Second: It would be very nice to use computer keyboard to load analysis mode.

What do you think about that ?


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Thank you :smiley: we love you too :slight_smile:

Have you tried pressing left or right arrow key? Should work, as long as analysis is enabled in the game.


Thank you, my question is different : Imagine : I play, and I want to load Analysis mode. Instead to click over the Analysis mode in right menu, It would be very nice to load this analysis mode with a keyboard shorcut (CTRL + A for example).

Do you understand (sorry, English is not easy for me)

Yes - this is what left and right arrow each will give you.

If you press left arrow, you will be in Analysis mode, at the turn before the current one.

If you press right arrow you will be in Analysis mode at the current (unless there is already a tree loaded, in which case you will be at the next move in the tree).

Left and right arrows move through the analysis tree each by one turn, and they open the mode if it is not already open.


English is hard! Trust me, I know :slight_smile:
But we do not need English to communicate :slight_smile:


My god: Fantastic !! Thank you.

One reason more to love OGS :wink:


Other question : Is there a keyboard shortcut to switch game ? It would be very useful for me (because I prefer not use the Automatic switch).

Not at the moment as far as I know. No :frowning:

I guess you know that you can click the number in a black circle at the top right of the screen to switch games, if you have some waiting.

I would show a picture, except I have none at the moment.

I wish the number would be there even if there are no games outstanding, so I could click through them anyhow to look at them. We should request that feature :slight_smile:

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Yes, I know that I can click the number. Yes, it would be fantastic to switch by cliking at this button every time (even if there is no active game).

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Oh, I just remembered. You can use F1 to go to analysis mode on the current node. In fact, you can set any tool using function keys. :wink:

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