Keyboard shortcuts need to be better documented/visible

badpunman had nice idea that keyboard shortcuts should be more visible and documented.

Hover tooltips for the buttons that have keyboard shortcuts should show those shortcuts.
Sometimes there might be room to show the keyboard shortcut in the button itself like in “Analyze Game” it could say “Analyze Game (F1)” or something like that. For the smaller buttons like marker tools in analyze mode and other small icon buttons the only way would be to show a hovering tooltip.
“Back to game” could also be “Back to game (ESC)”


Indeed they do


So, any idea when they might be? Soon?

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It’s good idea on desktop, but not on phone

Huh, great idea.

They shall be at least documented in the new readme which should be ready in one or two months (let’s hope).

About the tooltips I cannot say, but do people really still check those? :smiley: I have the feeling that modern webdesign is moving away from those, and I do not really expect anyone to hover over the button “back to the game” hoping to reveal some groundbreaking secrets about it :smiley:

And as was already quite readily pointed out on mobile it makes no difference at all. So not sure if that would not be more headache than helpfull. But for those hardcore players looking for that extra edge we will have at least something… :smiley: or some other idea?

Well on a phone it’s no use at all, and it will clutter more the limited space available.
Or the server can recognize it’s a phone and turn this off?

Sorry, where?

In your post :smiley: I was just agreeing with your observation.

A sorry again then i thought there was maybe another old topic somewhere :slight_smile:
OP mentioned badpunman…

I use a Mac, and …

I’d want ALL OGS KB shortcuts to NOT USE F KEYS (function keys).

Because on a Mac they trigger system-wide functions, and different ones than on Windows (and probably Linux variants), and also they can be re-defined to do something else than in factory settings (I for one have re-defined most of them to accommodate my workflows).

Also, it would be nice if the ESC key would remove the focus (i.e. the cursor) from any text entry field :slight_smile: