Keyboard shortcuts?


Does anyone know if keyboard shortcuts are documented anywhere? There was an old post in OGS Developement asking for in game visibility. It doesn’t look like there was a follow-up, but I’m mainly just interested in having a list of them.

If such a list doesn’t exist yet, and if people are willing to share the ones they know here, I’ll gladly group them in this post. I’m mostly interested about those for switching tools in analysis/review.


Hi there, @surema!

Here’s a complete list of analysis/review tools:

Additionally, you can use the key to the left of “1” as global shortcut for opening the site menu (in english layouts it’s `, in spanish’s it’s º).


Thanks a lot! The menu thing doesn’t work for me (it should be ² on my keyboard - french layout, but it doesn’t seem to do anything), but as I said, I was mostly interested in review tools. Those work great.

Out of curiosity, are there any others like the menu one?

Ugh, sorry about that.

I don’t think so, at least not yet.