Kibitzing and general social interaction

My impression is that kibitzing and general chat is not happening all that much on OGS.

Is this indeed the case or is it just not so easy to find the right places? Or are the forums of OGS the place where most of social interaction is happening?


True. Doesn’t happen so much lately. You can do so on the forum chat or in the game chat (will only become visible after game is finished).


Is it possible to see which live games have spectators (for kibitzing)?


I think it’s on the planning to show spectator count in the games browser.


OGS has never had a kibitz culture as long as I’ve been here. There has to be input from an external group like a league community for there to be discussion. I’ve done a lot of kibitzing here over the years on random games, and about 95% of the time no-one else is chatting.

I don’t think it’s a bad thing persay. We’re just people who chat here, or on GoKibitz, or on discord groups, or in stream channels. It’s no longer 1998, we have all these other lounge spaces now and that’s good.


I just had one idea to make ogs more friendly to kibitizing: what about adding a “featured game” window in the home screen? This would be a random game that is being played live in the site on that moment and this would encourage people to gather on some game room.


Kibbitzing works more with live and blitz games, and more with watching strong players games.
Sadly that’s exactly not the strongest points of OGS.
I don’t know how to develop this sides of OGS, and even if it’s something important as it’s part of the specificity (browser client) and history (correspondence games) of this place.
I do love kibbitzing myself so I would welcome any suggestions to make it more active.
Maybe to develop a “sub client” like a module (more responsive) in the main client (still browser based itself) to get quicker play for these blitz/live games ?


Tbh, we have so many streams now, classic kibitz is becoming obsolete. Just a year ago I could relay a pro game with no commentary at all and we had 100 people on the page with at least a bunch commenting.

Now you could get like 20-30 at best. It’s not interesting anymore because there’re better experiences out there.


Featured game(s?) as well as links to ongoing Go streams, similar to LichessTV, is already in the planned pipeline.


Or suggesting a game to kibitz in the general chat :slight_smile:

I think the chat on the main site and talking on the forums appeals to different types of people, and some people like both. I kind of find it hard to just jump into the main site chat and interact - it can be a bit random. The forum can be a bit random too but at least it’s organised by topic :slight_smile:


@gennan this is the game in question

continuing later on today 2020-08-21T20:00:00Z

So there could be more kibitzing then. It said 4pm edt, but the calendar thing let’s me pick only cities rather than time zones. I guess New York.

It might need to be modified by an hour because of the daylight part? I’ve no idea, maybe someone can edit it properly :slight_smile: (it seems ok checking my time with google, actually @Samraku would know for sure )


Setting New York will automatically account for daylight savings time since NY observes it.

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I didn’t know discourse did that :slight_smile:

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