Kids go server bugs

Can’t get any of the bots on kids go server to start a game



Hmm, seems to be working over here? Is it working for you now?

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I get
“Waiting for opponent to accept challenge”
, ​ despite challenging a bot.

(I waited a minute, in case this was just the
server starting up the bot or something like that.)


Hmm I just got the same.


But I noticed after I refreshed, the game had started. Maybe there is a bot warmup time and the web client forgets what it’s doing if it waits too long?

I tried a second time, and it works right away.


I was able to get the game to start after a page refresh as mentioned above.

I encountered another problem though.
Easy +6 starts with 6 handicap stones but then also passes 5 times before playing.

Also it only passes at the end instead of resiging.

Link to the game:


This bug seems to be fixed now.

Never mind was fixed one game and then broken next. :man_shrugging:

Also new bug report if you accidentally navigate away from the game page you can’t get back in

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Problem persists intermittently. Sometimes the bot (Easy +6) passes 5 times at the start and sometimes it plays straight away.

I would like to suggest this site to a kid, but the bots seem to all be unresponsive again. Has it generally been broken or is there some hope?

EDIT: read more carefully and figured out the secret of refreshing the page.


A kids server probably shouldn’t be dependant on that though



Another problem.

i played at the easy choice of difficulty. i cannot change level of difficulty (get this screen always) only can play always the same level. refresh don’t help, restarting from scratch by using thr same link too. I finished my game and can play again at the same level only (i don’t get that screen then)

What is the right way to leave a finished game so that i don’t get this msg? Or is it a bug that i can’t change level when starting a new game?

[Solved see later]

Something else.
That game is won, bot resigned but the scoring is a mess.

Ok i got to change level. I think it was because you have to leave from that screen last posted, not by using top left arrow. I hope kids won’t get confused.

The AI is what level? Sometimes fine, but weak too like in this position, didn’t leave it as seki (just killed itself as white)


Another wrong scoring a few minutes later.

Not that it’s really frustrating as it’s the bot ending brutally the game and giving that false win to itself! Let’s explain that to the kid in myself.

It’s dead, lol

Messy thing about scoring is that it seems to be scored by strong ai while score shown is being brought from weak bot you played against. That’s why graphics and actual scored game outcome do not correlate.

I played few games, this is one of them. I think ruleset should be changed to Chinese like on GoQuest to avoid live or dead group disputes between human players.

Edit for clarification: I passed to avoid filling my own territory (thus loosing points) and it seems like bot resigned. If kidsgoserver uses Japanese scoring rules it’s possible to make it similar to ogs scoring phase, which has proven repeatedly to not work for complete beginners.

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