Kids go server bugs

Can’t get any of the bots on kids go server to start a game



Hmm, seems to be working over here? Is it working for you now?

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I get
“Waiting for opponent to accept challenge”
, ​ despite challenging a bot.

(I waited a minute, in case this was just the
server starting up the bot or something like that.)


Hmm I just got the same.


But I noticed after I refreshed, the game had started. Maybe there is a bot warmup time and the web client forgets what it’s doing if it waits too long?

I tried a second time, and it works right away.

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I was able to get the game to start after a page refresh as mentioned above.

I encountered another problem though.
Easy +6 starts with 6 handicap stones but then also passes 5 times before playing.

Also it only passes at the end instead of resiging.

Link to the game:


This bug seems to be fixed now.

Never mind was fixed one game and then broken next. :man_shrugging:

Also new bug report if you accidentally navigate away from the game page you can’t get back in

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Problem persists intermittently. Sometimes the bot (Easy +6) passes 5 times at the start and sometimes it plays straight away.

I would like to suggest this site to a kid, but the bots seem to all be unresponsive again. Has it generally been broken or is there some hope?

EDIT: read more carefully and figured out the secret of refreshing the page.


A kids server probably shouldn’t be dependant on that though